Hi there, my name is Carlo Tuzza. I like to create music and I’m glad you found me.

On this site you can find out my last album called "Did you see the Deer?". For me, the greatest thing about being a musician is to inspire other people such as poets, painters and why not? Musician too. I take such pleasure in hearing that people were touched by my music in someway.

While hearing my music, try to close your eyes and let the emotion flow inside you. Music is something important for my soul and also for yours. Music is a conversation where the listener's role is as important as the artist's. Well, here you can find my side of it all. What is yours?

The music is the spirit language.

His current secret vibrates in the heart of the singing one and the soul of the one he listens.



Slowly slide is a travel through the world from the poetic perspective of a snail. “Slowly”, a word less and less used to describe our life and our memorable moments.
Slow down is to deepen the experience, an invite to “enjoying yourself” to give the precious time to live the life itself.


“"Hello, I wanna introduce myself. I'm a Turin based musician, composer, performer, graphic and web designer and play several instruments (guitar, violin, keyboard). Graduate in Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts, Catania in 2014, has attended several masterclass with musicians of international standing like Andy Timmons, Alex Hutchings, Marco Sfogli, Luca Galeano, Massimo Varini, Neil Zaza,Rick Latham, Corrado Rustici, Roberto Maccagno, Riccardo Bertuzzi, Federico Malaman, Ricky Quagliato (Malafede Trio), Hans Zimmer. In 2010, I've got a 1st level certification in solfeggio and musical theory and harmony with Alberto Fidone, and in 2012 a 2nd level certification in rock-fusion with Michael Mellner. Since 2011, I've participate to the C.E.S.M. (Centro Etneo Studi Musicali) concerts. I adapted and recorded the piece “Hello” for the singer Contessa Catena. Now I have passed Grade 7 with Distinction in RSL Awarding the Contemporary Arts Among the main shows, in cooperation with the artist Tiziana Contino: “ICONICOANICONICO (for the video’s musical text) - Omaggio a Emilio Greco - Il rapimento lirico e la poetica del corpo femminile”, Museo Emilio Greco, Catania (performer) - Emotional Replacement per “Chiamateci streghe” Galleria Civica Montevergini, Siracusa (performer and musical text) - CORPO - Festival delle Arti Performative (CibAzioni - PrivAzioni), Appartamento LAGO, Pescara, curators Ivan D’Alberto and Sibilla Panerai (performer, musical text, live actions) - 2015 I-ART, “5 piazze, 5 sensi” at C.o.C.A. Archivio Biblioteca Arti Contemporanee, Modica, curators Chiara Canali and Canecapovolto (performer, musical text, live actions), 2017 Imago Mundi ROTTE MEDITERRANEE (Luciano Benetton Collection), ZAC Zisa - zona arti contemporanee, Palermo, curators C. Nicosia, O. Fazzina, F. Lucifora, R. Antoci, A. Stazzone, G. Vincenzo, G. Collica. F. Pantaleone e M. Zito, 2016 Heart, University Hospital “Policlinico – Vittorio Emanuele, Catania (I), curators Valentina Barbagallo and Filippo Pappalardo."