Carlo Tuzza is a composer and sound designer for Film, TV and Video Games from Rome, Italy. Graduated with full marks in music composition for video games at the Santa Cecilia Music Conservatory, he always loved the storytelling inside the movie and video games and he found his way to be part of this world with his music.
He writes in different genres, from orchestral music to electronic. The love for the movies and video games inspire him everyday to do the best with his compositions and reach the goals of the project. Each client has unique needs and this is his job to understand that and consistently deliver the music that satisfy this needs.

Carlo’s abilities as a multi-instrumentalist, his fluency with large scale orchestral scores and make good electronic sound design, combined with his talents in writing pop/rock music and his use of modern music production techniques can give a modern sound to your Film, TV series or Video Games.

Music can add tremendous artistic value to any project by emphasizing your vision and underlining the ideas you wish to share with the world. Someone who also understands how powerful silence can be and more important, how to make the music part of the project that it becomes part of the masterpiece. That can be what will help you to stand out the project

“My mission is to enhance the project with my creativity by working with smart and creative people on really cool stuff”



Title Behind The Light – The Extraordinary Life of Luca Comerio

Type Applied Games

Developers IDRA Interactive Studios and Vigamus Foundation

Original Idea Cineteca Milano

Year 2022

Platforms MS Windows

Music Carlo Tuzza

Sound design Carlo Tuzza


Title R.I.B.

Type Short movie

Year 2021

Director Mattia Filice

Music Carlo Tuzza

Sound Design Carlo Tuzza


Title Il mio perché

Type Short movie

Year 2020

Director Mattia Filice

Music Carlo Tuzza

Title Dark People

Type Short movie

Year 2020

Director Denny Gagliardi

Music Carlo Tuzza

Plot A paranormal thriller short shoot in the Monferrato (Italy). Four guys decided to stay in a cottage for the weekend, but a weird presence and an abandoned house will be their problem.

Title My Hero – The last mission

Type Short movie

Year 2019

Director Luca Moncalvo

Music Carlo Tuzza

Plot A short movie by Enjoy Productions for “G&G Armament Your Greatest Glory 2019” Video Contest.

Title Onirica

Type feature film

Year 2018

Director Luca Canale Brucculeri

Music Editor Carlo Tuzza

Mix Engineer Carlo Tuzza

Plot Luca Canale Brucculeri give to the cinema a real tribute to the Dario Argento’s cinema, with Onirica.
First movie directed by the young turin director, the movie emphasizes the important of the ambience, the city of Turin, make it one of the main character of the movie, with his gloomy and mysterious atmosphere.

In collaboration with Mattia G. Furlan e Antonio Rochira, in co-production with Lacumbia Film, Isophonic Studio e Gipix, Onirica tells of a Turin that is shocked by multiple murder, it seems like the same person who loves the movie of the master Dario Argento